Recalculating the GPS for the Soul.

Create a Life Map by Recalculating the GPS for the Soul

Recalculating…The GPS for the Soul takes you on an intimate mother-daughter journey of self-discovery and healing through Numerotherapy and metaphysics where my daughter Samantha was my teacher in this life learning experience and I the very unwilling student until I began to grasp what she was going on about. It chronicles my very slow and sometimes hilarious awakening and gradual transformation from being a stubborn 5 sensory-person who only valued material things to becoming a multi-sensory person who now uses the science of numbers and metaphysics to empower other people through what we call Numerotherapy.

Recalculating…The GPS for the Soul shares my own personal journey in order to lead readers toward their own path of self-healing. It blends my own life story with my experience as a master numerologist and metaphysician to give people the tools to empower themselves.

"Numerotherapy is the key to unlocking the code to your true potential"

Finding yourself and being conscious of who you are are both deeply transformational and releasing. You no longer have to "fit in" to the expectations of others but rather have the freedom to explore your own potential. Realizing that what you are is not at all linked to what you do is both terrifying and liberating as it brings into focus the reality that you are master of your own destiny and a conscious co-creator with the Divine.

Numerotherapy is a hybrid of two different systems namely numerology and metaphysics that I have developed over 25 years to help my clients empower themselves. Numerotherapy is a powerful tool for self empowerment and deep personal transformation and shows you the profound correlation between you not listening to your major life lessons and the manifestation of "dis-ease" on the physical body.

Recalculating...The GPS for the Soul will appeal to anyone seeking purpose in life. It gives the reader a practical guide to follow to rediscover their true purpose, align themselves with their unique divine Self and begin to understand what issues they need to address in order to transform their stumbling blocks into building blocks. They can then begin to acknowledge that their thoughts are powerful tools for transformation.

Meet your Higher Self

Many times when we are not being true to who we really are we get disconnected and distracted and loose sight of what our major life lessons are.In doing so we create an imbalance in our life and that will ultimately manifest as "dis-ease"in the physical body.

"There is a direct correlation between how "dis- ease" appears on the physical body and you not listening to your major life lessons ..."

We are a cosmos within a cosmos within a cosmos and we are master of all that is within us.Every cell in our body resonates to the Symphony of our Soul. So the more in tune we are with our inner Self the more we radiate positive energy outward as well and that creates a ripple effect on all beings and matter around us.
Take a few moments to reconnect with your true self as you enjoy this wonderful guided meditation.

Guided Meditation

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